What does photo editing include?


Temperature/tint, exposure, contrast, highlight recovery, shadows, white/black clipping,

tone curve, saturation/hue/luminance and grain/noise reduction.

Do you crop and straighten?


Yes, we do. We have general rules (horizons level, cut out the videographer, etc) for both but ask for your personal preferences. Some photographers prefer to crop tighter, some have rules about feet being cut off, just let us know.

What is your turnaround time?


We want you to enjoy your photos as soon as possible, that's why we will deliver them in 3 days.

How do I send my files?


It's easy! You export your smart previews , previews and LR catalog (See 'The process' section from the Main Menu). Zip it up. Send it via WeTransfer. WeTransfer is free and SO easy. You'll send and receive images via that platform.

How does payment work?


A PayPal request will be sent to you when the gallery is completed and can be paid by credit card.

Do you do a trial run?


Yes! We will edit 10 images for free to see if we are good fit for one another.

Still have questions? Please get in touch